Global statistics

Statista is a statistical database with market information covering a wide range of industries and subject areas. Access statistics and reports on everything from tourism and foods to marketing, e-commerce, fashion. Statista also contains infographics, country information, consumer forecasts and more.

    • You can search directly in the search field. Use English terms and make sure you spell correctly.
    • You can choose any of the suggested topics dropping down from the search field when you put in your search term.
    • You can use the following search techniques: phrase search "... ... ..." and truncation by adding an asterisk* (ex. sustain*)
    • In the left hand menu, you can choose to see either statistics, reports, industry trends or company information.
    • Be aware that Denmark is set as the location. If you wish to set any other country, you can use the middle menu.
    • You can use the top menu to click through to your chosen topic. Note that this search technique is a bit more difficult to navigate.
    • When you have found your chosen statistics or report, you can download it as either pdf-, powerpoint- or Excelfile. 
    • Within certain industries and company informations, you can find "dossiers", which are collected reports of trends, swot analysises or statistics.