Statistics from Statistics Denmark

Statbank Denmark makes it possible to extract statistical data from Statistics Denmark. The database contains detailed statistical information on the Danish society.

    • There will inevitably be information that cannot be found as statistical reports, or statistics that are not performed by Statistics Denmark, but rather through an interest organization, a ministry or any other institution.
    • If you have questions regarding any of the specific statistics from Statbank Denmark, you can find contact information to the person in charge of it in Table Information. 
    • You can search in two ways - either by the search field in the top menu of the webpage or through the topic menu in the left hand side of the screen.
    • If you're interested in knowing, for instance, the percentage of Danish households that own a washing machine, this is two ways of finding that number:
    1. Choose Prices and consumption in the topic menu– choose Consumption – Choose Home appliances – apply any of the categories you think are relevant and generate a table.
    2. Use the search term "washing machine" in the search field in the top menu. Choose the first result The families possession of home appliances by type of consumption and generate the table.