Global market research database

Euromonitor is a database with statistical information from the European markets. For instance, it provides consumption figures on different brands and companies, market reports and analyses. Furthermore, Euromonitor gives access to trend forecasts for most industries – the forecasts are categorized by country.

    • Once you're logged in, you have to accept the "Terms and Conditions", giving you access to all analyses and reports in Euromonitor.
    • All reports and analyses in Euromonitor can be downloaded as PDFs to your computer.
    • You can search for information in various manners. For industry reports:
      • You choose the industry of your choice by clicking "Industries" in the top menu.
      • You then select a category, for instance "Beauty and Personal Care".
      • Choose "Country Reports" and pick a category to narrow your topic, for example "Skin Care".
      • Find Denmark or the country of interest in the list, and click "Go".
      • You're now given an analysis including industry statistics, trends and consumer behaviour within your chosen topic.
    • You can have a megatrend analysis of the Danish population:
      • Choose "Consumers" in the top menu
      • Then find the "Lifestyles" category
      • Choose "Country Reports" and select f.ex. "Megatrends".
      • Find Denmark in the list and click "Go".
    • Searching directly by using the search field is a good idea if you have a specific topic you are looking for, f.ex. "shampoo" or a specific company.
    • Once putting in your search term, you can filter the results by geographical area, and then access the analyses and statistics that suits your criteria.