Articles, magazines and journals on many subjects

Business Source Complete gives access to articles and e-books on a wide variety of business-related subjects including marketing and economics.


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Introduction to Business Source Complete

    • You'll start by choosing the correct database - which will be the top one - Business Source Complete.
    • This puts you in Basic Search. We recommend choosing "Advanced search" if you wish to combine several aspects of your chosen topic and limit your search.
    • Combine your subtopics by putting your search terms into the different search fields, while combining them by using AND, OR or NOT.
    • Use the truncation asterisk * at the base of your search term, like sustain*, giving the database instructions to include all endings of the word sustain to your results (sustainable, sustainability, sustainable design)
    • Tick off the "Full text"-box under the headline "Limit your results". This way, you ensure that you'll only get full text access to the results of your search.
    • Choose "Search".
    • In the left menu, you can filter your search results by changing "Publication date" or "Source type".
    • Relevant articles can be downloaded as PDF's and stored locally on your computer.